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VYSA Mandates Implementing August 1, 2016

Updated Monday May 15, 2017 by SML Soccer.

VYSA and US Youth Soccer, along with other youth soccer sanctioning bodies, will be implementing the U.S. Soccer Federation’s birthyear registration mandates on Aug. 1, 2016*.

Beginning Aug. 1, 2016*, VYSA will be using the following birthyear “labels” for competition, based upon the
season in which competition ends. For example for the Fall 2017 season:
Players born in 1999 are U19's
Players born in 2000 are U18's
Players born in 2001 are U17's
Players born in 2002 are U16's
Players born in 2003 are U15's
Players born in 2004 are U14's
Players born in 2005 are U13's
Players born in 2006 are U12's
Players born in 2007 are U11's

Birth Year and Season Matrix
Season 2017-2018 2018-2019
Birth Year    
2011 U7 U8
2010 U8 U9
2009 U9 U10
2008 U10 U11
2007 U11 U12
2006 U12 U13
2005 U13 U14
2004 U14 U15
2003 U15 U16
2002 U16 U17
2001 U17 U18
2000 U18 U19
1999 U19  



VYSA UPDATE ON US SOCCER BIRTH-YEAR MANDATES - Virginia Youth Soccer Association.pdf